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With so much information online about how to take care of our health, it can feel overwhelming to know where to start. The Chef’s Wife is here to help guide you along your path, so you have a recipe for success!

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Essential oils are aromatic compounds that can affect our body, mind and spirit. Wondering how to use them, or get started? I'm here to help!

Our emotional health can determine our physical health. It is important to acknowledge and process your emotions. Essential oils can have a profound effect on our emotional well-being.

Healthy Food

Don't know what to eat, or where to start with planning? Perhaps you want meals cooked for you? Whatever the case maybe, the Chef's Wife loves to talk all things food and cook!

Stunning Healing Energy phenomenon

Energy healing can be done hands on or off of the body. It is a subtle way of clearing blocks in the body’s energy system, known as the chakras.

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About The Chef’s Wife

So, who is “The Chef’s Wife?” I am Glenda - sometimes sassy, self-driven, can do attitude, happy homemaker, good sense of humor, practicing living a more holistic life kind of woman! I consider myself a risk taker, one who isn’t afraid to go forth and try something new. That is how new recipes are born, at least in my house. I met my husband in culinary art school. We both love to cook and create, however I prefer to do it at home in my own kitchen, while my hubby has been in the industry since the 1990’s. We try something new, or add a new ingredient to a established recipe, and see how it works out. This concept of recipes goes far beyond the kitchen! Perhaps your self-care routine is in need of an upgrade, are you missing an ingredient? Have you ever tried essential oils, perhaps meditation, changing your sleeping habits, etc…. The list is endless, and I am here to help! The Chef’s Wife has recipes for the mind, body and spirit! Join me, won’t you! I will do my best to keep you inspired to try a new recipe in life!

Services & Offerings

Custom Essential Oil Blends

Aroma Energy Healing Sessions

Chakra Love Blend offers alignment and openness to your chakras, allowing energy and love to flow through you with ease. Each oil and crystal in this blend corresponds with a specific chakra. This blend can be applied to your pulse points, over your heart, or on each chakra. You can also roll the oil in your palms and take some deep breaths. This blend also comes with a card showing the oil and crystal for each chakra, as well as an affirmation to read when using the blend.

Chakra - Oil - Crystal

Crown - Patchouli - Clear Quartz

Third Eye - Sandalwood - Amethyst

Throat - Cinnamon - Amazonite

Heart - Geranium - Rose Quartz

Solar Plexus - Eucalyptus - Tiger's Eye

Sacral - Lavender - Citrine

Root - Frankincense - Red Jasper

Heartache Ease Blend is a blend to help cope with grief. Includes: Rose, Geranium, Helichrysum, Marjoram and Lime. This blend comes in a 5ml glass rollerball with stainless steel roller.

This blend feels like a comforting hug, whether you have lost a family member, friend, job or any loss in your life that leaves you feeling down. Rose holds the highest vibration of all the oils and nurtures the broken heart. Geranium, Helichrysum and Marjoram all help prepare the heart for healing. And lastly, Lime brings for a zest for life and uplifts the florals in this blend. This blend also contains Rose Petals and Rose Quartz. Rose Quartz also helps with emotional healing.

In a session, I combine Reiki along with Aromatherapy. The oils are chosen specifically to meet your physical and emotional needs. Energy healing is great to help if you are feeling stuck, or perhaps just need some relaxation. Let's connect & chat and see if this is a good fit for you.

Biomat Sessions

What is a Biomat, you ask... BioMat® features unique medical ​and therapeutic properties rooted in Nobel prize-winning ​research and NASA's top-rated infrared technology, harnessing ​the power of Infrared, Amethyst and Tourmaline Crystals, and ​Negative Ions. Experience transformative healing by activating ​your body's natural capabilities with this cutting edge ​technology, infused with ancient wisdom.

Let’s connect & chat to see if this might help you!

Blends come with an Affirmation Card specific to the blend.

These make great gifts too!

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Mala Quartz Beads

Meditation Beads

Hand-tied malas infused with Reiki Blessings! ​Each one is unique, no 2 are alike!

Currently Available: $77 each

Hand meditation on Japa Mala Tulsi wooden Beads

Rose Quartz (8mm) Mala with Selenite ​counter beads

White Stage Backdrop

Clear Quartz (6mm) Mala with Selenite ​counter beads

White Stage Backdrop

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Amethyst (8mm) Mala with Clear Quartz ​counter beads

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